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Liquified Petroleum Gas

Liquified Petroleum Gas

LPG, or Liquified Petroleum Gas, is a mixture of propane and butane. LPG is produced in the extraction and drying of natural gas and oil refining and is a source of energy with hundreds of applications: from domestic use to industry and, of course, as an alternative fuel to cars.

LPG, unlike natural gas, has the unique property of being in a gaseous state under the usual temperature and pressure conditions but is easily liquefied under moderate pressure (2 bar). This gives it great advantages in terms of transport and storage.

Its physicochemical properties enhance good motor function: LPG burning leaves no carbon residue which is responsible for premature engine wear. At the same time it increases the life spark, oil and other parts of the engine.

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About Us

The company GALEADIS BROS, based in Thessaloniki, is specialized in the field of LPG with the disposal of modern LPG systems in Greece of the most famous companies worldwide, such as BRC, Lovato and Stag.



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