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It has been used for vehicles for at least 30 years. As a fuel, LPG is safer than gasoline (a finding from the Danish Research Institute "TNO"), because:

  • It diffuses directly into the air, and requires double temperature to ignite.
  • It has the lowest flammability range than any other alternative fuel.
  • Leaks are easily detected sake of the very characteristic smell of LPG resulting from a special additive as a safety measure.
  • LPG is a non-toxic, non-poisonous to humans gas.

The gas tanks we choose and place on cars are made of special alloys of carbon and steel and are 20 times more durable than gasoline tanks. They are tested at high pressure, ISO certified and comply with the strictest European 67R quality standards. In case of crash, they do not break or open, keeping the LPG safely stored. In the following video you can see some examples of their strength.

All the systems we place carry multiple safety valves according to the European regulation.

Liquid gas flow is interrupted if any part of the system is damaged, or when the machine does not work. If the vehicle gets fire, the pressure of the tank is controlled by means of expansion valves to prevent its destruction - explosion. In a possible leak, the gas diffuses into the environment and does not accumulate in the surrounding area like liquid fuels.

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The company GALEADIS BROS, based in Thessaloniki, is specialized in the field of LPG with the disposal of modern LPG systems in Greece of the most famous companies worldwide, such as BRC, Lovato and Stag.



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