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LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas, is a mixture of propane and butane. LPG is produced in the mining and drying of natural gas and refining oil and is a source of energy with hundreds of applications: from domestic use to industry and, of course, as an alternative fuel to cars.

LPG, in contrast to natural gas, has the unique property of being in a gaseous state under the usual temperature and pressure conditions but is easily liquefied under moderate pressure (2 bar). This gives him great advantages in terms of transport and storage.

Its physicochemical properties enhance good motor function: LPG combustion does not leave any carbon residue which is responsible for premature engine wear. At the same time it increases the life spark, oil and other parts of the engine.

Yes, the car can work alternatively with gasoline or LPG. The switch from one fuel to the other is made by a switch on the dashboard and can be even on the go.

This is not possible because a special adapter is required to make a supply of liquefied petroleum gas.

90% of gasoline-powered vehicles can be converted to LPG, the system to be installed is selected according to the model and age of the car.

By installing a liquid gas system resulting a vehicle that runs on LPG and petrol. In the car installed a second independent fuel system which using a second tank. This is usually adapted to the spare space, and can alternatively be placed in the luggage compartment or under the car. Liquefied petroleum gas is in its liquid form during refueling and storage and is converted to gas just before it enters the combustion system.

You can consult the fully updated list of service stations we provide.

According an European directive, LPG taxation will remain favorable until 2018. Specifically, the trend in Europe is that until 2020, 10% of cars be driven by LPG. This trend will keep the price of Autogas low, since it is the main reason for its preference by drivers, compared to the high cost of gasoline and oil.

No, using modern multi-spraying systems, the difference in horsepower is of 1-3%. Proper installation and adjustment of a gas system ensures that its behavior will remain the same.

Liquefied petroleum gas is extremely safe: it has been used for many years in appliances with gas bottles and lighters. As fuel LPG is safer than gasoline (finding Research Institute of Denmark "TNO").

The tanks and the devices which mounted in cars are tested at high pressures, and are certified according to the highest quality standards and carry multiple valves.

Liquid gas flow is interrupted if any part of the system is damaged, or when the machine does not work. If the vehicle catches fire, the tank pressure is controlled by relief valve to prevent the destruction.

In a possible leak, the gas diffuses into the environment and is not concentrated in the surrounding area like liquid fuels.

The LPG system does not communicate with the interior of the vehicle.

Liquid gas expands when the temperature rises. The empty space in the tank prevents the increase of pressure inside the high ambient temperatures.

You will hear a distinctive sound and the system will automatically turn to gasoline. You do not have to stop driving.

After installation, it is advisable for the system to be checked once a year by an authorized workshop.

The installation provides a two-year guarantee for gas systems.
Mechanical parts guarantee can cover them with special extended warranty programs.

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