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Conversion Process

Conversion Process

We propose and place the latest generation of LPG systems.

In GB Technologies is installing LPG systems by specialists trained in Italy and the placement is in our modern workshop. The conversion process is the following:

1) We choose a system depending on the type of car. The technology differs from vehicle to vehicle depending on the vehicle year and type of machine. Our company will offer you the most suitable system for your vehicle to make it work best with the utmost economy.

2) We choose a gas tank so that it does not occupy much space in the trunk but at the same time provides the desired autonomy.

3) Placement planning of the individual components so that they enter positions that do not affect the operation of other machine parts and do not prevent access by other engineers in the future.

4) Placement planning of fuel lines so that they are fully protected. In many cases we place additional protective components to achieve the best possible safety.

5) Leakage control with dedicated electronic systems to ensure that each point is completely watertight.

6) Finally, we make the last and most important stage of the conversion that is the system setup. All vehicles are programmed electronically for better road performance.

The result in all of the above is to achieve in each establishment the same performance and behavior in the vehicles we convert, comparing them with those powered by gasoline.

In each installation, a free re-check at 1500 Km is performed to confirm the excellent installation, performance and conversion performance.

The systems we place in GB Technologies do not require special maintenance. Every 20000 - 30000 Km must be replaced the gas filter, which is extremely economical. This filter may need to be changed more often when the gas you buy is not clean.

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About Us

The company GALEADIS BROS, based in Thessaloniki, is specialized in the field of LPG with the disposal of modern LPG systems in Greece of the most famous companies worldwide, such as BRC, Lovato and Stag.



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