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The Economy of LPG system is a given. Think that with LPG system you earn thousands of Euros every year, money that you can spend on other needs and activities.

a. With LPG, the car's running cost is reduced by half. The depreciation of the cost of installing the LPG system takes place in less than one year for a car that runs 15,000-20,000 km per year.

b. Reduced damage and maintenance costs
Lighter combustion of gas in relation to gasoline causes less damage to the engine and catalyst. Vehicles using LPG need less service as no carbon remains accumulate in the cylinders and spark plugs.

As opposed to gasoline LPG, does not dissolve in the car's oil, thus lengthening the life of oil and oil filters.


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About Us

The company GALEADIS BROS, based in Thessaloniki, is specialized in the field of LPG with the disposal of modern LPG systems in Greece of the most famous companies worldwide, such as BRC, Lovato and Stag.



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